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Sales Force Automation Solution (SFA)

SFA Pharma is an online Sales Force Automation System for Pharmaceutical Companies. It allows linking all sales field personnel across the country with the HO [Head office]. Online MR Provides valuable information on Daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockiest, Primary and secondary sales, Product wise stocks with Depots and Stockiest, Stocks of Samples / Gifts with Reps, Overdue invoices and many more.

SFA Pharma bridges the gap between corporate headquarters and representatives, mobile and in remote locations. Online MR acts as a tool to keep the MR and the managers informed about the latest in the market and the Company news.

SFA Pharma aims at reducing the drudgery of filling up long messy forms repeatedly and mailing two or three copies Online MR to the corporate office, re-entering the forms in another application package etc. This section provides facilities for filling in the doctor visit details & also samples & gifts distributed daily. Also provided are several facilities for the Representatives viz. planning their daily activities, schedulers, and auto-generation of repetitive information.

  1. Enabled for both Online and Offline usage.
  2. Replicates paper reporting formats on the web to increase user acceptance.
  3. Allows mapping of doctors with products for focused marketing.
  4. Comprehensive information about doctors and products available on the web for increased MR productivity.
  1. Password Protected Web Application.
  2. Enabled for Offline Data Entry and Retrieval.
  3. Contact and Service details of Medical Representatives.
  4. Mapping of MR to Geographical Units.
  5. Comprehensive Database of Doctors for Contact and Relationship Management.
  6. Details of Channel Partners, like Stockiest and Retailers.
  7. Unique Mapping of Doctors and Channel Partners to MRs.
  8. Issue of samples/gifts to MRs.
  9. Online submission of Daily Call Reports with
    details of doctors met, products discussed, sample/gifts issued, stockiest/retailer met, orders booked and payment collected.
  10. Online Submission and approval of monthly Tour Program.
  11. Expenses incurred by MRs.
  12. Analyses of Doctor Calls and Product Promotion.
  13. Analyses of Order Bookings.
  14. Doctor Relationship Management.


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